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Johnny "The Awesomeness" Anderson

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Johnny "The Awesomeness" Anderson

Post  Johnny Anderson on Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:36 pm

(In-Game) Name: Johnny Anderson

Nickname: The Awesomeness (Johnny "The Awesomeness" Anderson)

Hometown: Cincinatti, Ohio

Face or Heel: Tweener, although mostly heelish

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 217 lbs

Catchphrases: Not creative enough to come up with one

Entrance Video (link): Johnny Anderson (alone)=
Awesomeness Incorporated (Stable/Faction)= or

Physical Attributes: Very strong, physically menacing, VERY strong legs and very good coordination. Seems to be the literal meaning of the words "awesomeness and perfection".

Description Of Your Gimmick: Johnny Anderson's gimmick is the guy who's very intimidating and frightening on the outside, but has a soft side that most people don't know about, as they are likely scared to approach him. He is very arrogant and cocky, but the way he sees it, he deserves to be (see background story for more details on why). He has the ability to just appear behind people in as small a time as a flicker of the lights, and has been known to be able to injure someone while hardly breaking a sweat.

Finishers: Star Cutter

Finisher Description: Johnny Anderson puts the opponent over his right shoulder in a powerslam position but throws the opponent back and hits him with a cutter
and gets on the top turnbuckle staring at the fallen the opponent and finally jumps performing a backflip while twisting in midair and finally landing on the opponent with his chest executing a (insert damage here) Star cutter!!
(Also, when in RP format, the words "the opponent" are replaced with the person being hit by the move)

Trademarks: Starsault (Level 18 Modified Springboard Moonsault)
Modified Twisting DDT (Level 4 Modified Twisting DDT)

Taunts: Double Backflip

Taunt Description: Johnny Anderson jumps in the air and performs a double backflip easily making him seem weightless executing The Double Backflip

Background Story: Johnny Anderson grew up in the rough streets of Chicago, Illinois. His parents died when he was only 7 years old, so he grew up by himself, having to look out for himself. Growing up, he was frequently attacked and tried to be put down, but by using his athletic ablility and great balance, was always able to outmatch his attackers. Until one day, when he was severely injured by a man without a name. During his recovery time, he started showing off a dark side to his personality,along with unhumanlike strength that he was astonished to have. This dark side was the dominant part of his personality until two years ago, when he found his long lost brother. His brother was killed only six weeks after Johnny found him, and Johnny then realized that his emotions and feelings were still intact, but had decided to keep it on the inside for no apparent reason. He had also sworn to himself that he will find that man without a name someday, and get his revenge, but until then, he's on a war path. Although he now has rediscovered the emotions he thought he had lost fifteen years ago, he is still very dangerous and should always be avoided if you're against him. You don't want to be in the ring with Johnny Anderson, unless you have a death wish, so stay away at all costs, as he's severely injured all but one who has avoided him all these years.

Johnny Anderson

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