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Bio of Pain

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Bio of Pain

Post  Pain on Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:00 am

Name: Pain

Hometown: Norway, small village in Troms region

Face or Heel: Heel

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 206 lbs

Physical Attributes: Light builded body, good stamina but low endurance. The reason for that kind of body is to get as fast as he could.

Description Of Your Gimmick: Pain is the kind that hides from everyone, avoids from public places, except ring of course, you may find him smart and level-headed, but in the same time - dreadful and sadistic. Pain is the unpredictable type, he can bash you with chair, even if it means DQ for him, just to make him self satisfied and unleash the rage for whatever you done against him in the past or whatever you're doing in the present.

Finishers: Consecration, Cemetery Victory Roll, Speedstar

Finisher Description:

Pain charges the running [nome]
and slams [nome] neck with a tip of the elbow executing a devastating Consecration

Pain tucks [nome] head in his armpit falling backward slamming [nome] head into the mat
then gets on the rope and jumps towards his opponent scoring a direct hit on him executing a devastating Cemetery victory roll

Pain starts to bounce from one side of the ring to another with the help of ropes increasing speed
and slams stunned [nome] with elbow everytime he pass him by executing a devastating Speedstar

Trademarks: In the process, I wont admit any other trademarks than the ones who're from good moves, right now im just collecting points in the necessary positions so ill edit later when ill finish it all.

Taunts: In the process.

Taunt Description: In the process.

Background Story: A man coming from lands of frost as cold as the mask he carries with him. Pains career started as an amateur wrestler in underground type wrestling. It was hard to survive there, because of lack of the rules, as you see the money bags had no interest in fair fight, they paid to see how "dogs bark" and rip each other apart. Pains attitude about wrestling slowly changed to the negative side. Now its kill or be killed, no place for anything other. Be ready to face him with the same bearing, or you may end being the one who's down yourself.


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