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Who is going to be in the first main event

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18% 18% [ 3 ]
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Total Votes : 17

The Bobbaii Gudii Bio

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The Bobbaii Gudii Bio

Post  The Bobbaii Gudii on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:19 am

Name: The Bobbaii Gudii

Nickname: The Painless Freak! , The Heartless Monster and Opertunistic Submission Maniac

Hometown: Washington D.C

Face or Heel: Heel

Height: 198cm


Catchphrases: Dont mess with me cause before you try your already messed.

Entrance Video (link):

Physical Attributes: Buckled Up

Description Of Your Gimmick: A very popular guy always going to the strip.

Finishers: Gudi 2 Shoes

Finisher Description: Gets his legs tights in his arms and sits on his opponent Pulls his legs back hard and twists both of opponent shoes

Trademarks: Toe Lock

Taunts: Dead line

Taunt Description: Takes his D.C off and smells it!

Background Story: The Bobbaii Gudii at 18 became a professional wrestler , After 9 years of training Capeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he is master of both martial arts. Since The Bobbaii Gudii was 10 he wanted to become a wrestler so he started with capoeira then Brazilian jiu jitsu, But ever since he was born he has taken every opertunity he has for anything, So now he stands as one of the best in The Wrestling Game.

The Bobbaii Gudii

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