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Come on, sign up and join the best federation around. If you have any queries pm me in game (EaTrAsH).
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Who is going to be in the first main event

6% 6% [ 1 ]
18% 18% [ 3 ]
35% 35% [ 6 ]
6% 6% [ 1 ]
35% 35% [ 6 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]

Total Votes : 17


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Post  CrisIonicho on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:16 pm

Name:Cris Ionicho

Nickname:The Virus

Hometown:Somewhere in Canada.

Face or Heel:Face


Weight:80 kg

Catchphrases:Are you ready to break the walls?
I will show you something Magnificent!
This virus will break you code.
Entrance Video (link): or this is not good

Physical Attributes:Long and blonde hair.He wear trousers which is labeled with strange numbers.He prefer to have nothing to cover his torso,but sometime in backstage he wears a black suit.

Description Of Your Gimmick:He like to entertain the fans,by every posibile way.

Breacker of the codes
Walls of ionicho

Finisher Description:Magnificy-Ionicho hit in the gut and stunned his opponent with a stuuner
and climp on the turnbuckle and jump with a huge Moonsault executing a devastating Magnificy
Breacker of the codes-Ionicho jump with his knee at opponent face
and do a riscky jawbreaker executing a devastating Breacker of the codes
Walls of ionicho-Ionicho grab opponent's feet turn him on belly
and put his knee on the opponent's neck executing a devastating Walls of ionicho

Trademarks:Secret kick,Samoa driver,Guilty breaker.

Taunts:Break the walls

Taunt Description:Ionicho Turns and rise his arms on shoulder level and make himself look like a star executing A Break the walls

Background Story:Cris is a simple man who love to fight.He have a lot of problems because of his behavior.One of his friends tell him if he live just for fight do it legal,so he enrolled in a small wrestling fed.The little town wrestling federation.From here he was see by EaTrAsH who see a lot of talent and potential,and give him a contract with Brutal Adrenalised Wrestling.


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