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Backyard Bud

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Backyard Bud

Post  Backyard Bud on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:59 pm

Name: Backyard Bud

Nickname: Bud, Budinski

Hometown: Bankstown, Australia

Face or Heel: Face

Height: 185cm



"Learn it, Live it, Love It"

"Only those that risk going too far can possibly know how far one can go."

Entrance Video (link):

Physical Attributes: I do parkour and free running. Very fit, six pack, muscles good mental strength.

Description Of Your Gimmick: Well i have great mental strength so everyone looks up to me for advice and help. I do Parkour which is the main reason for this. Whenever someone needs help or are struggling they come to me. Im a face that likes to get the crowd going.

Finishers: 1. Backyard Blackout, 2. Backyard Bloodrush

Finisher Description:

1.Backyard Bud climbs up the turnbuckle with the opponent under his shoulder
Backyard Bud then flips over the opponent head executing a devastating Backyard blackout.

2. Backyard Bud grabs the opponent ankle and puts it on his shoulder.
Bud then quickly turns his body and locks it in a very tight hold executing a devastating Backyard bloodrush

Trademarks: 1. Backyard Connection, 2. Backyard Bloodshed

Taunts: Backyard Backflip

Taunt Description: Backyard Bud runs to the rope then bounces back and backflips over his opponent executing the Backyard Backflip.

Background Story: Grew up in home to himself as his parents left him early. He trained himself with a stuffed life size doll in a backyard wrestling ring that he made. A man came and later offered him a contract and his career went up from there. He gained some weight for a movie he was to be in and then had trouble losing it until he found Parkour. He practised Parkour and realised he started to not only get skinnier and fitter but his mental strength became stronger. He came back to wrestling and won many titles. He is now with BAW!

Backyard Bud

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